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December 4th Fire Emergency Exercise

As the saying goes, "water and fire are merciless." Among all natural disasters, the most frequent occurrence is fire. A small Mars can destroy the precious resources of nature, turn the material and spiritual wealth created by humans into ashes, and mercilessly take away the most precious life of humans.

Classification of wear-resistant ceramic coatings

Inorganic and organic nano-hybrid composite high temperature resistant ceramic coatings: organic compounds are used as matrix resins, and inorganic compounds are added. The obtained paint film is changed from an organic type to an inorganic type at a high temperature, so that the properties of the inorganic and organic substances are complementary, the advantages are avoided, and the substrate is protected. For example, a silicone resin is used as a base material, which is mixed with a high-temperature-resistant pigment, a metal oxide and a nitrate filler, and a solvent. High temperature protection. The coating is capable of a high temperature of 900 to 1200 ° C, and the process is simple, and has the characteristics of high temperature crack resistance and recyclability.

What is aluminum carbonaceous refractory? Classification and application

Aluminum carbonaceous special refractory material refers to carbon composites which use alumina and carbon as raw materials. In most cases, other raw materials are also added, such as SiC, metal Si, Al, etc., bonded with organic binders such as asphalt or resin. Special refractories. Broadly speaking, refractories with alumina and carbon as the main components are called aluminum-carbon refractories. Aluminium carbonaceous refractory materials can be divided into two categories according to their production processes: non-fired aluminum carbonaceous refractory materials and fired aluminum carbonaceous refractory materials.

Ten major events in the refractory industry

On January 9, 2017, at the National Science and Technology Awards Conference, chaired by Dr. Li Hongxia, the key to metallurgical functional refractories was attended by units such as Sinosteel Lonay Research Institute, Liyang Junnai Co., Ltd., Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and Henan Rongjin Co. The results of the project of “Synergy Enhancement Technology for Service Performance and Application in Refining and Continuous Casting” won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award.
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