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Company Profile

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Yanshi Zhongyue Refractories Co., Ltd. was established by Luoyang Zhongyue Industrial Co., Ltd. and was founded in 1986. Company is located in the foot of the Songshan Mountain, covers an area of 50,000 m2, the existing staff of 300 people. Companies registered capital of 60 million yuan, the main production refractories. With an annual output of various types of refractory refractory 50,000 tons, shaped refractory products 60,000 tons, annual sales income of 300 million yuan.

Corporate culture: the company since its inception, always adhere to the customer focus, continuous improvement, continuous improvement of the concept. Adhere to the people-oriented, unity, pragmatic, hard work, innovation; technology-based, quality and letter, satisfied with the user, a promise daughter is our solemn commitment. Technical level with the industry advanced, product quality with industry-class, customer satisfaction 100%. Enterprise credibility pursuit of the best is our pursuit. Years of experience and practice so that the company profoundly aware of the level of development on behalf of the enterprise is not only the production equipment and scale, staff quality and quality of service more and more important role. To this end, the company conducted a staff from the product quality control, business knowledge, work attitude to the service skills of the series of training.

Institutional Setup: The company's refractory has its own institutional setting. There are products workshop, not stereotypes refractory workshop, prefabricated workshop, supply and marketing section, technical quality, finance, office, etc .;

Qualification: The company in July 2000 through the ISO9000 quality management system certification, Yanshi City is the first certified refractory enterprises. After obtaining the certificate, in accordance with the requirements of CNAS and the certification body, timely supervision, re-evaluation and renewal audit, the certificate remains in effect, each audit group are given a high rating, the previous audit passed, the company's quality assurance system is running normally, Quality assurance is continuously controlled and effective. The company promises to submit the material is true, reliable and effective. In 2007 by the Office of Science and Technology of Henan Province as high-tech enterprises, the company's production of molten iron castables by the Office of Science and Technology in Henan Province as high-tech products.

Technical level: the company and the Henan University of Science and Technology Institute of high temperature materials, Luoyang Refractories Research Institute, such as the establishment of a long-term relations of cooperation and have their own professional refractory production technology research and development of engineering and technical personnel 16 people. Since 2006, the company has become a production and research base of Henan University of Science and Technology, carried out a wide range of R & D cooperation. Company manager Bai Hongyu by the river high temperature materials research institute hired as refractory professional instructor, joint guidance undergraduate and graduate graduate graduate work, has three batches of undergraduate and graduate students rely on the company to complete their thesis work. Over the years, the company adhere to the "customer focus" concept, product quality and technical level of continuous improvement, continued to improve, a number of products of the technical level is a leading domestic.

Company Profile

Production equipment: the company has a full set of amorphous refractory production equipment (including prefabricated block), various types of crushing, stirring, vibration, screening, fine powder and other production equipment 28: Of which: two 5R4119 tilting mill, Four broken lines, three with powder production line; with 36 sets of stereotypes products production equipment, including two large hydraulic brick machine HC2500, 15 friction presses, with an annual output of 50,000 tons of magnesium carbon brick automatic compound production line, 12 mixed The main equipment: pressure, bending test machine, high temperature bending test machine, the load softening temperature test (test), the laboratory has a variety of equipment and equipment, Furnace, rotary anti-slag test furnace, controlled atmosphere furnace, thermal shock test furnace, high temperature set carbon instrument, high temperature furnace three, stomatal body of dense experimental equipment, analytical balance, flame photometer, spectrophotometer, etc. can be conventional Physical inspection and chemical analysis, inspection of special projects commissioned by the National Quality Inspection and Testing Center.

Refractory product categories: divided into two types of stereotypes and stereotypes, as many as 50 kinds of species. According to the use of points, are:

1. Ironmaking system: blast furnace with iron ditch with castables, ramming and prefabricated blocks; blast furnace, hot blast furnace with aluminum carbon brick; blast furnace mud, no water into the mud; molten iron castable, desulfurization (phosphorus ) Gun castable, iron coated with aluminum carbide carbon brick, torpedo tank with corundum silicon carbide brick.

2. Steel-making system: ladle castable; magnesium carbonaceous, carbon-free magnesia, aluminum and magnesium carbon, spinel carbon and other steel bricks; ladle repair materials; ladle, tundish permanently lining series of castables; Insulation layer with microporous lightweight castable, lightweight insulation board; magnesia, magnesium calcium tundish coating and dry vibration materials; tundish slag plate, impact plate; ladle brick, water tank seat, breathable seat Brick, breathable core, the middle cover; mixed furnace castable and electric furnace, converter large surface repair materials.

3. Cement and power industry: circulating fluidized bed boiler refractory wearable castable, cement rotary kiln with refractory wearable castables and so on.

Service system: According to the development of steel industry and user needs, the company has developed a series of products to meet the different steel companies. Has 20 years of production of iron and steel industry with refractory history, has accumulated a wealth of production, building package and use of experience, with a better on-site service mechanism. In the process of using the product, always around the "customer focus" concept, the implementation of a new project management system, according to the characteristics of the project, equipped with experienced management staff, technical staff and construction team, coordination of on-site production and organization of construction , Timely feedback, strengthen after-sales service management, the use of the whole process of tracking services.

Major customers: the company to stabilize the quality of products and satisfactory after-sales service to win the trust of iron and steel enterprises. Company customers include Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Benxi Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Baosteel Group Meishan Iron and Steel Company, Tangshan Iron and Steel Group Company, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group Company, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Xingtai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Xingtai Delong Steel Co., Ltd., Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Yuzhong Iron and Steel Company, Henan Jinan Iron and Steel, Baosteel Group eight steel companies.

Location: Company is located in the 207 National Road, from the Longhai Railway, even Huo high-speed, Guangdong and Guangxi high-speed, high-speed are in the range of 30 km, traffic is very convenient.

Major honors: many times was rated as "provincial Shou contract re-credit business", "municipal Shou contract re-credit enterprises", "provincial integrity tax advanced unit." Was Luoyang city government as "advanced unit", "tax advanced unit", "advanced private enterprise". For five consecutive years by Yanshi municipal Party committee, city hall named "industrial enterprises 50 strong", "advanced unit", "advanced private enterprise", "top ten star enterprise". 1998 was Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company as "refractory supply of outstanding units", in 2000 by Xingtai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. as "the best units of refractory supply", in January 2009 by the Longtai Group Lanzhou company as "integrity refractory Material supply unit ".

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